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Why do so many artists die by suicide?

An article by Scottish author Ewan Morrison published on Psychology Today

In his article „The Suicidal Artist“, Ewan Morrison provides a precise classification of what an artist personality is and how it is classified within a society that pathologically diagnoses any deviation from a norm. He shows typical causes that make a person become an artist, as well as the dangers involved. For the question of whether an artistic process manifests a cure or rather a demise, he too does not dare to answer. After all, Morrison provides a clear overview of common methods of psychotherapy with which „artist types“ are encountered and consequently pleads that it is perhaps high time to see the „artist“ type with different eyes.

In contrast to the idea of the artist Sandman, who with his suicide tools offers a level of confrontation for the seeker in order to be thrown back on his own humanity, Morrison describes the artistic confrontation as a process that can become suicidal simply by becoming infertile or aborted.

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Ewan Morrison copyright Rafał Komorowski

The Suicidal Artist

Why do so many artists die by suicide?  An article by Scottish author Ewan Morrison published on Psychology Today […]

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