The suicide tool "Burning Man" is an art sculpture with which you can kill yourself.

Burning Man Suicide Tool Art Sculpture


Burning Man is an impressive ZANDMANN art installation that integrates perfectly into any interior due to its high-quality and exclusive materials.

The Burning Man is equipped with 10 synchronously switched burner heads and is fired with MAPP gas. The burners reach a peak temperature of about 3000 degrees Celsius. The two exit buttons are located in the combustion chamber at hip height and are therefore easy to operate. Thanks to its compact dimensions, the Burning Man installation is suitable for every situation and impresses with its technical details.

The Zandmann Burning Man can be configured according to your wishes. Different lacquers and surfaces are available.


Burning Man – Suicide Tool
Price: on request
Delivery time: Europe 4-6 weeks / Worldwide 6-8 weeks