In the face of death, we come to life

How Zandmann’s art objects confront the viewer mercilessly – An article about ZANDMANN’s art objects by the German author Tobias Vetter, published on Seestyle-Magazin […]

Ewan Morrison copyright Rafał Komorowski

The Suicidal Artist

Why do so many artists die by suicide?  An article by Scottish author Ewan Morrison published on Psychology Today […]

Suicide Tools and Art – an Interview with ZANDMANN

My first thought was that it’s fascinating but somehow banal, at least the subject is crying out for attention. I don’t like to ask the question „is this art“, but I’m sure we can agree that it’s a tremendous provocation? […]

All Sandmann suicide tools are made by hand and are absolutely unique.

Discover the new Zandmann Atelier

In the heart of Eastern Europe our unique Zandmann Art sculptures are created. Piece by piece, steel, concrete and wood become a complete work of art. […]

Upcoming Exhibitions

Experience the Zandmann Suicide Tools live. Expose yourself directly to confrontation through our art installations. In fact, the difference whether you imagine the function of the machines or, for example, stand directly under „Heaven“ becomes immediately perceptible. […]